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ForHousing offers Housing Perks to its 17,000 tenants in the West Midlands.

How it Works

Housing Perks is a digital solution to the cost of living crisis for housing association tenants. We provide discounts, cashback and free items to tenants with a focus on the everyday essentials. Also, Hardship Plus empowers income officers to send vouchers instantly and enable hardship funds to go further with our hardship top up.

Savings Mobile App

The mobile app is free to use for tenants and gives them access to over 100 national retailers. Tenants typically save £6-£12 per week on their essentials. Over a year those weekly savings add up significantly. For example, a housing association in the West Midlands with a group of 1,200 users has saved over £10,000 in 4 months. The bulk of the savings being on everyday essentials. Discounts range between 4% - 18%.

The discounts available are not available to the general public and we have negotiated special discounts which are only available to housing association tenants. Tenants download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, they enter a code unique to each housing association and they get access to discounts, cashback and free items instantly. The mobile app enables tenants to use their discount while they're on the go.

I would highly recommend the app. It's so easy to use. I myself have saved over £30 using it on shopping and a meal out (in one month). I would also like to say how helpful our account manager has been throughout the process, nothing has been too much trouble and even when we had a tiny hiccup it was remedied immediately.”

Senior manager at Wrekin Housing Group

Hardship Plus

Do you have a hardship fund which you use to send tenants in financial hardship vouchers? You can use the Housing Perks "Hardship Plus" app for income officers. With it you can send tenants vouchers instantly. Tenants can even choose which supermarket brand they want to use their voucher at. Whenever you add balance to the Hardship Plus app we'll top up that balance by 4% making your hardship fund go further.



In the face of rising inflation and the cost of living crisis, ForHousing, a housing association with 17,000 properties in the North West, was determined to find innovative ways to support their tenants.

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